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Membership currently stands at 39.  Eleven of last year's members haven't renewed and, furthermore, we have records of a further 149 past members.


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The Sports Council endeavours to encourage the people of St Helens, particularly the young, to fulfil and develop their potential which will improve their health, well-being and enhance their quality of life.

It will do this by; 


  • Improving the quality of opportunity.

  • Encouraging lifelong learning.

  • Giving information and advice.

  • Providing sporting opportunity.

  • Encouraging health and social inclusion.


News Headlines

Anybody requiring Defibrillator training could get this for free from Jenny Leyland of Sutton JFA - email jeni12physio@hotmail.co.uk - and defibrillators could be obtained for £750 from the Oliver King Foundation (details from Jenny)


Seneley & Garwsood JFC & West Park Rugby Club offer similar training.


What's On

Cossack Shotokan Academy - New Members Required.

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The Week in Brief


Prescot Hockey Men's 1st team return to Division was as Champions with a 4-2 win over Macclesfield


Two goals in three minutes early in the second half gave St. Helens Town a 2-0 win over Stockport Town


Thatto Heath Crusaders warmed up for their Derby Match v Pilks Recs with a 34-12 win over Leigh Miners and beat Recs 28-12


Earlier Moss Lane stay in the right end of the table with a 29-11 win against Wigan


Updated 20/03/17

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Cossack Shotokan Karate Academy of St.Helens are looking to recruit new members for the club. Training sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm.


More details>>>>

There is a saying  - “we don’t give up sport

because we grow old: we grow old because we give up sport”


See what Pilkington Rounders Club has to offer>>>>

Fancy playing rounders?



Memberships for 2017/2018 to be invited shortly.